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Play Better Golf Faster

Get Better Faster.

You may have noticed... kids aged 3 to age 7 learn new motor skills really fast.

You can too.

One of the main reasons they learn so quickly is that their brain waves are dominated by the theta wave frequency.

This means when they are learning something new the motor pattern goes directly into their subconscious mind... where motor patterns are stored.

As you age... new motor patterns have to go through your conscious mind first and then get stored in the subconscious.

This extra processing step slows down your improvement process.

You can speed your learning back up again by learning how to access theta brain waves on command.

There has been extensive research on how to do this over the last 30 years.

I can show you how to do it quickly and simply.

Then you can roll back the clock... and learn like a kid again.

This can be especially helpful for teenagers whose brain waves are transitioning from theta to the adult Norm of beta.

Transitions can be tough.


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