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One Shot at a Time

🛑Stop Focusing on your score when you are playing.

Playing a round of golf is like taking a test in school.

In a test:

You answer questions.

The better you answer the questions... the better your grade.

On the course:

You hit shots.

The better quality your shots are... the better your score. 🏌️‍♂️

In school: 🏫

You direct ALL of your Focus to answering each question correctly.

Better answers equals a better grade.

If you Focus on the grade you want to get while you are answering the questions... You are taking Focus away from answering the questions correctly and ultimately making your grade worse.

In golf: ⛳

You direct all of your focus to hitting each shot the best you can.

Better shots equals a lower score.

If you Focus on the score you want to shoot while you are hitting shots... You are taking Focus away from being fully engaged in each shot and making your overall score worse. 😡

Unless you are a Zen Master... Your mind is going to wander during a 4 hour plus round of golf.

The key is to make sure that during the critical period when you are preparing to hit a shot... your mind is not Focusing on the score that you want to shoot.

Focus on your shots and let the score take care of itself.

Shot Focus


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