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Mental Performance Science for Golf

Why is Science Important?


You want to get better

You want to get better faster

You want to overcome challenges

You want to overcome big challenges

You need a map of the process

You need data to design your map

You need data for progress recognition

Neuroscience provides the data you need

The "Zone"

is the Goal for Mental Training.

It is a specific Brain State

that is the trigger for every Peak Athletic Experience.

Research scientists have been studying the neurobiology, psychology and physiology of the "Zone" or the "Flow State" since the 1970's.

But in the last decade better tracking tools have brought Zone focus studies to a whole new level.

Brain wave studies (EEG)

Brain mapping studies (fMRI)

Neurochemical performance studies

Psychological risk/reward, fear/focus studies

Physiological muscular and cardio efficiency studies

Zone Training for athletes is following right behind.

GGZAP provides you with simple yet powerful "step by step" training maps designed to help you apply the data and the research quickly and effectively to match your needs.

The map includes training and application exercises from:


Sports Psychology

Multi Sport Coaching Experience

Multi Sport Performance Experience

Meditation and Mindfulness Techniques


The reality of athletics is that no one can be in the Zone all the time.

But, becoming aware of the feel of different Focus Frequencies and tuning your Focus to get in or near the "Zone" more often is guaranteed to help you become a better athlete.

It is not just about performance.

DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) found that when you are in the "Zone" new skill acquisition happens up to 500% faster...

500% FASTER skill acquisition!

Whether you are a golfer, skier, soccer player, tennis player, runner or someone who just wants more enjoyment from any activity that requires heightened Focus... there IS a map to help you achieve that enjoyment and maximum efficiency in the application of your skills.


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