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Master Your Mental Game

Train your Brain

Improve Your Game

Do you think it's finally time?

Are you tired of wasting strokes?

What do you need to do to get started?

The process can be very different for different people.

But in most cases... the first step is to figure out where your "weakest link" is.

Fixing the piece of the puzzle that is hurting you the most... will give you the most improvement in the shortest amount of time.

Self-assessment is a powerful tool for taking this first step.

When YOU recognize and identify exactly what is causing you the biggest problems, it gives you much stronger motivation to fix it.

Be honest. Be accurate. Dig Deep.

Step one is to figure out what area of the mental game does your challenge occur.

Your mind... Can you focus strongly on command and do you know what to focus on?

Your emotions... Can you use the energy spike emotions can give you or do you get abused by the distraction of emotions?

Your body... Do you recognize the signals that your body is giving you to let you know when your brain and your emotions are helping you or hurting you?

Next time you play a round of golf, see if you can identify which area is holding you back the most.

Knowing the specific area that is your weakest link is a great first step in the overall process to Master Your Mental Game.


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