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Managing Pressure

Do you want to play better under pressure?

It's a bit of a rhetorical question.

We all do.

The best way to make that happen is...

Set aside part of your practice time for "extreme" pressure training.

Performance research studies show... that if you are not spending part of your practice time hitting shots under more pressure than you experience on the golf course, then you are not giving yourself the best chance to play well under pressure.

How can you create that pressure during practice?

By increasing the level of difficulty of the shots you're trying to hit.

For example: Tiny targets Difficult lies Difficult shot shapes

Use your imagination to create shots that put you under more stress than you will experience on the golf course.

It's even more effective if you imagine yourself on the course in situations that trigger the feelings of pressure for you.

Simulating play at the range is great practice tool.

It prepares you for playing well.

Much better than hitting repeated shots with the same club.

But it doesn't prepare you for dealing with pressure.

You need a much higher degree of difficulty (at least 10%) at the range than you would experience at the course to prepare you for pressure.

The more difficult the challenge you test yourself with in practice... The more successful you will be dealing with pressure on the course.

The bottom line... If you have hit lots of shots at the range that are tougher than anything you might experience on the course you will have a much higher chance of success in tough challenges under pressure on the course.


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