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Do you struggle with L.O.F.T.?

The symptoms are:

•Poor shots under pressure

•Weak emotion management

•Frustrating inconsistency

•Excessive swing thoughts

•Low confidence

•Fear of failure

Just to name a few.

The cure is not a miracle drug with ridiculous side effects like all the crazy commercials on TV.

The cure is learning to access Presence when you hit a golf shot.

Presence is the gateway to the Zone.

The Zone is where all of the symptoms of L.O.F.T. disappear.

BTW L.O.F.T. is:

Lack Of Focus Training

You are more than welcome to keep training your swing to try to get rid of the symptoms of L.O.F.T.

But sooner or later you're going to need to address the real problem.

Your brain is what determines whether you hit a shot with the best swing you've trained... or whether you hit a shot with a swing that you have no idea where it came from.

There is a reason a huge percentage of tour pros are training their brain.

It's the fastest way and the most effective way to minimize the symptoms of L.O.F.T.


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