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Have you ever tried humming out loud while you're swinging a golf club?

It is one of my favorite practice "awareness" exercises.


The number one reason is... all the entertaining looks you get from everyone else at the range. ;-)

But aside from the entertainment value... there are a number of swing related reasons.

Here are three of the most beneficial:

1. You get immediate, accurate feedback on the smoothness and rhythm of your swing.

2. You get immediate accurate feedback if the tension level in your hands and arms significantly increasing during the swing.

3. When you hum out loud and listen to it during the swing... it quiets the thoughts in the cognitive part of your brain.

How does this work?

When you hum out loud... the tone of the hum will change or get completely shut down if you accelerate too quickly, decelerate too quickly or increase tension during the swing.

This means if you're swing is not accelerating smoothly, not fluid in the transition or stopping at impact instead of completing your finish... You will hear it immediately.

When it comes to quieting thoughts... active listening is a proven method for quieting the cognitive part of your brain and accessing the optimum performance systems in your brain.

Just a heads up... The first couple times you try it may be challenging.

Especially if you're used to thinking a lot while you're swinging.

It's also important to remember that paying attention to sound is directly tied to your feel systems related to the swing.

Which means if you're a highly visual golfer this can be a challenging drill as well.


It is definitely worth a try.

Over the years I have had clients make dramatic, positive changes to their swing In very short periods of time... just from using this drill.


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