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Hard Wired

Brain Wiring for Golf

Your brain is hard wired to notice danger.

Your brain is also hard wired to access the Zone.

Noticing danger:

Water, Trees, Sand et all...

is very helpful early in your pre-shot routine when you are choosing the right shot to hit.

Thinking about danger... while you are hitting the shot is a guaranteed recipe for hitting bad shots under pressure.

Accessing the Zone:

Calm, Confident, Engaged...

Immediately before and during the shot is the most powerful tool you have for hitting your best shots under pressure.

Learning to use the correct hard wired pattern at the right time... is one of the main goals of training your brain for golf.

The pre-shot routine is your process for making this happen on the course.

The pre-shot routine is not just for taking your grip and getting aligned.

The pre-shot routine is also about using the correct hard wiring at the correct time so you can hit more of your best shots and less of your worst shots.


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