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Go Hypofrontal!


What the heck is it?

How can it help you?

Hypofrontality is when the part of your brain responsible for logic, reasoning and analysis shuts down.

It is also a research proven universal characteristic of peak performance.

Multiple neuroscience research studies using FMRI and EEG have shown that your prefrontal cortex virtually turns off when athletes are experiencing the Zone or Flow State.

Which means, when you want to perform your best and have more fun doing what you love… you need to learn to quiet the thinking part of your brain.

Turn Off Your Brain to Turn On Your Game.

It seems counterintuitive but…

Have you ever tried to think about the movement in your knuckles, fingers and hands when you type on a computer?

If you have… you probably noticed that your typing got slower, less accurate and felt very difficult to execute.

I call it "paralysis from analysis".

It means… the more you use the cognitive part of your brain the poorer you will perform.

Thoughts trigger parts of the brain, brain waves and potentially brain chemicals that can dramatically decrease your ability to access the peak level of skills that you have trained for.

Which means… learning how to quiet thoughts (Hypofrontality) is one of the first steps to playing better consistently and having more fun doing what you love.

The big question is… How?

The answer is… turn up your Senses.

The more you heighten your senses, the more you turn on the parts of your brain best suited to performing… and the quieter your thoughts become.

Think of your brain like a bowl.

If the bowl is full of thoughts… there is no room for sensory information.

You NEED sensory information to perform well.

The more sensory information the better.

Fill up your bowl with sensory information from the present moment.

Not cognitive information trying to control what will happen in the immediate future.

Also… the parts of your brain that process sensory information are MUCH better suited to helping you perform well. They process faster and more efficiently which means you can perform better and more efficiently.

One of the biggest keys to performing well consistently is learning to use the optimum parts of your brain for performance.

Which means shutting down the thinking part of your brain and heightening your senses.

Go Hypofrontal!


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