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Pressure, Emotions and Presence

✓Excel Under Pressure

✓Manage Tough Emotions

They are SKILLS that you can improve.

The key:

Learn to control your "time" focus.

More specifically:

Learn how to be PRESENT while you are hitting shots.

You get negatively affected by Pressure when you allow your mind to wander to the Result you want from your shot.

The future.

You get negatively affected by Emotions when you allow your mind to wander to Feelings triggered by other shots.

The past.

Pressure and Emotions only affect your shots when you allow your mind to wander to the future or the past.

The GOAL is to be Fully Engaged in the Process of hitting the shot...


There are a LOT of ways I help golfers improve their Presence.

One of the simplest is keeping a mental game scorecard.

Track how Present you were for each shot.

You can use a plus or minus rating system or you can use a numeric rating system.

The key is that you are tracking how fully Engaged you are in the shot that you are hitting.

How many shots are you hitting during a round... where you are actually putting all your Attention on the shot as opposed to the result you want from the shot?

Making Full Engagement "in your senses" a priority is the first step in getting better at:

✓Handling Pressure

✓Managing Emotions

It is about starting to learn to recognize the difference of what process Focus feels like... versus what Results Focus feels like.

One small step starting a big positive journey.

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17 ott 2023
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Spot on!

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