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Fear... Focus... Flow




These are three progressive mental states for performance.

Each state triggers different chemicals in your brain and reactions in your body.

The key to performing consistently well is learning to move from fear to focus on command.

The key to performing at your absolute peak is learning to move from focus to flow as often as possible.

As you can imagine learning to do this takes time, energy and expert guidance.

One simple concept I share with all my clients to help speed the process... is to recognize the overall feeling for each state.

When you have a feeling that you can recognize quickly and easily you can make achieving that state part of your training.

Fear - No Control... Afraid of What Might Happen/no trust

Focus - Desire for Control... Make It Happen/low trust

Flow - Autopilot/No Control... Let It Happen/high trust

Take some time to recall/visualize some of your past performances and relate them to these three states.

Understanding these states will help you recognize them quicker and train yourself to access more efficient mental states and not just limit your focus to physical movements during training.


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