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Faster, Better and More Fun

Teachers, Coaches and Parents

If Zone/Flow training is not part of their process... your students/children WILL:

- Improve Slower

- Play Poorer

- Burnout More

Bold Statement?


But I am 100% comfortable making it because of:

✓Neuroscience Research

✓Personal Experience

Neuroscience Research into the effects of the Zone/Flow state on:

•Improving Faster

•Playing Better

•Managing Emotions

is a multi-BILLION dollar industry!

Billion with a B.

The research universally shows that getting into the Zone/Flow State will:

1. Increase the speed of skill acquisition by up to 5X.

2. Cut down the time to master a skill by 50%.

3. Give athletes access to their highest trained level of skills on command.

4. Minimize negative emotions and maximize performance enhancing chemicals in the brain.

As a 25-year award-winning teaching professional my Personal Experience was one of frustration.

My students were definitely improving their skills.

But their access to those skills when they were under pressure and when they were dealing with difficult emotions... was less than optimal.

After years of personal research and aligning with a terrific group of like-minded coaches at #flowcodegolf I am noticing a tremendous difference in my students ability to access their highest level of skills when they want it and when they need it.

Not everyone needs a full-time mental coach/Flow Coach on retainer.

But everyone needs some degree of mental training to improve faster, play better and have more fun in the process.

Would love to schedule a free Zoom strategy call to see how I can help you add Zone/Flow State training to your tool bag.


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