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Emotions, Performance and Brain Waves

As you feel negative emotions getting stronger and stronger... your brainwave frequency is going up.

The peak of the emotional brain wave frequency is called "fight, flight or freeze".

I'm guessing you have experienced it at some point... I know I have. 😡

As you feel performance getting easier and easier and better and better your brainwave frequency is going down.

The optimum brainwave frequency for performance is called the "Zone". 🏌️‍♂️⛳🙂

You can learn how to control the movement of your brain waves from "fight, flight or freeze" all the way down to the "Zone" ... And get more control of your emotions and your performance.

It's about learning to recognize the feel of what is happening in your mind and strengthening your ability to access what you want on command.

Meditators have been training their brain waves for thousands of years.

Now you can apply what they have learned to playing better golf and translating that to having more fun in life as well.

I'm happy to show you how.


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