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Do you get Frustrated?

Do you get frustrated with "quality gaps" in your golf game?

One shot to the next

Driving range to the course

Casual rounds to tournaments

Gaps are one of the biggest psychological challenges in golf.

You know you have the ability to hit good shots.

But, you just can't "access" those good shots often enough and when you are feeling pressure.

I've been helping golfers reduce those gaps for over 25 years.

All those years of experience and thousands of golfers have shown me there are two keys to minimizing the gaps... so you can have more fun playing and play better when it matters the most.

1. Physical skills

2. Mental skills

Both keys are important.

If your physical skills (impact dynamics for example) are not high enough quality... you will be prone to very big gaps in the quality of your shots.

Most golfers and most golf teachers spend the bulk of their time improving physical skills.

If you are looking to improve the quality of your best shots, dedicating time to improving your physical skills is very efficient.

But ..

If you're looking to dramatically reduce the gaps and the frustration they cause... you need to spend time improving your mental skills.

The reason is simple.

Your swing oatterns are not stored in your muscles.

They are stored in your brain.

Muscle memory is a myth.

If you want to access more of your best swing patterns and be able to do it when you're under pressure, you need to learn how to train your brain to get access to your best swing patterns on command.

Using research proven and golfer tested exercises for as little as 10 minutes a day... You can learn how to reduce your gaps and access more of your best swings on the golf course when it matters most.

The big picture is you need to find the optimum balance for you.

Improving swing skills.

Improving mental skills.

Both are very important.

If you want to learn more about how to improve your mental skills quickly and effectively, give me a shout.


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