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Control Your Switches

Do you have control of your peak performance switches?

When you play golf there are a number of switches that you can POTENTIALLY turn on and off on command.

Target Focus

Results Focus



Self Talk

Just to name a few.

When you know where the switches are and you know how to turn them on and off you have the ability to play the best golf your skills will allow.

Like anything worthwhile it takes some training and some effort to learn where the switches are and how to turn them on and off.

But it is well worth it.

This weekend when you play... Pick one of the switches and see if you can turn it on and off when you need it while you're playing.

The first step in getting better is recognizing where you are.

Hopefully you are pleasantly surprised at your ability to find and control the switches.

If you're not pleasantly surprised... On Monday post your challenges in the group and I will share some tips for how you can start overcoming those challenges! 👍

My hope is to make the group a lot more interactive where each of you members is sharing challenges that you have and we can all solve them together. 😊🏌️⛳


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