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"I want to be more Consistent":

•Shot to Shot

•Range to Course

•Casual to Pressure

One of the most common reasons people reach out to me is "Consistency".⛳

The extreme differences in the Quality of your golf shots can be very frustrating.😠

Minimizing that frustration starts with setting a realistic goal.

Setting a realistic goal starts with understanding one key concept.

•Consistency in golf is not achievable.

Even the best players in the world are inconsistent from shot to shot, day to day and in pressure situations.

Which means... The goal is to "Minimize Inconsistency" as much as possible for your specific situation.🏌️‍♂️

Here's an analogy to paint a picture of what this means:

Imagine your best shots are a ceiling in a room.👍

Imagine your worst shots are the floor of the room.👇

"Minimizing Inconsistency" does not mean you are going to hit "ceiling shots" (your best) all the time.

Ben Hogan once said he only expected to hit "ceiling shots" 2 to 4 times per round.

The Goal is to get your floor closer to the ceiling (get your worst shots closer to your best shots).

The better the player... the closer your floor should be to your ceiling.

Raise your floor.

That is the essence of "Minimizing Inconsistency".

When your worst shots are closer in quality to your best shots:

✓Frustration is minimized

✓Scores drop quickly

The first step in any efficient improvement process is setting a realistic and achievable goal that motivates you as you are going through the process of achieving that goal.


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