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Access Your Potential



Access To Your Potential

When you practice at the range... the goal is to create new movement patterns that give you the "potential" to hit better shots.

The movement patterns are stored in your subconscious brain... They are NOT stored in your muscles.

Just because you spend a lot of time at the range creating the patterns doesn't mean you will have Access to those new patterns.

Your muscles don't remember what you're doing and magically give you what you want when you play.

Muscles have no memory of golf swing movements.

If muscles had memory of golf swing movements to a pros would never hit bad shots.

If you want Access to your potential, Access to your best patterns... you need to learn how to Access a specific state of Focus in your brain.

That state of Focus is the only thing that can give you Access to your latest/ greatest/best swing pattern... Access to your potential.

You create potential at the range and you access that potential in your brain.


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