Online Mental Training Courses

If You Struggle With...

  • Focus - Weak or Wandering


  • Inconsistency - Quality Roller Coaster

  • Confidence - Fear of Failure

Then It is Time to Take...

The 7 Day Focus Challenge

Change Your Game... in ONE WEEK

  • Strengthen Your Focus

  • Improve Your Consistency

  • Increase Your Confidence

7 Focus Fitness Video Lessons

1 Performance Presence Exercise

Neuroscience Tested

Athlete Proven

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Step by Step Daily Program:

  • Strengthen Your Focus

  • Be More Present

  • Minimize Distractions

Train Your Brain

Change Your Game

GUARANTEED Improvement

Get Focus Fit
Play Bettter

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7 Day Focus Challenge

"I had never realized how important Focus training was until you showed me how to apply Mental Focus Training principles to my racing.

It was awesome to see the improvement in my performance and results after watching and applying the 7 Day Fitness Challenge lessons! 

The best part is my results have continued to improve and racing has really started to become fun again.  

I can't wait to see how much completing the entire course will transform my racing!"

​Blake Bathum

Williams College

FIS Ski Racer


This Challenge is NOT for YOU

if You Do Not Have:

  • 20 minutes Per Day

  • Strong Desire to Change

  • Open Mind for New Concepts

  • Determination to Overcome Challenges

Are You Up To The Challenge?

If You Also Struggle With...

  • Emotions - Frustration/Fear


  • Self Belief - Negative Self Talk

  • Pressure - Competition Failures

  • Change - Erasing Bad Habits

  • Visualization - Positive Rehearsal

  • Self Coaching - Assess/Adjust

  • Self Motivation - Goal Setting

  • Training - Max Results/Min Time

  • Performance - Roller Coaster

Then It Is Time to...

Totally Transform

Your Performance Quality


The D.I.Y. Solution

"Complete Mental Game Course"

Achieve Your Goals

Have More Fun

Experience the Online Master Class...

Mental Training for Athletes:

Access Your Best

All the Tools you Need

All the Training you Need

6 Modules/45 Video Lessons

Mental Fitness Exercises

Self Assessment Baselines

Text Overviews


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Mental Game Master Class:

  • Strengthen Your Focus

  • Manage Your Emotions

  • Transform Your Training

  • Maximize Your Performance

Train Your Brain

Change Your Game

GUARANTEED Improvement

All the Tools & Training You Need

Get Started Today

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Online Mental Training Course

"Geoff is a outstanding instructor and leading edge specialist in Mental Fitness training for golfers.  


His background as an athlete, coach and Mental Game researcher helps him train athletes in ways that few coaches can.


His Mental Game Mastery program is not only unique and incredibly effective for increasing performance... it also works for athletes of all ages and skill levels."


Dr. Bill Campbell

Performance Psychologist

Titleist Performance Institute Board Member

.Award Winning Training:

  • Tune Focus

  • Manage Challenging Emotions

  • Build Confidence

  • Excel Under Pressure

  • Make Changes Faster

  • Supercharge Training Sessions

  • Transform Performance Quality

Online Convenience:

  • Access the Course Anywhere

  • Access the Course Anytime

  • Learn at Your Ideal Speed

"Geoff is a consumate teaching professional and has a rare ability to help his students overcome physical challenges with simple Mental Fitness processes. 


His instruction style and clear communication makes it easy to understand what needs to be done no matter how big the challenge.


Many teachers can discuss concepts, but Geoff knows how to help you to  apply them quickly and effectively.


I experienced huge improvement in my skiing the very first day of testing out Geoff's Mental Training Course."

Bill Knell

Former Marine Fighter Pilot

Mountain Biker and Skier

D.I.Y. Complete Mental Game Course

Mental Fitness for Athletes:
Access Your Best

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