Master Your Mental Game Online Course

Why Take An Online Course?

Learn At Your Convenience

Improve At Your Speed

If You Struggle With:

Poor Focus - Your Remote Doesn't Control Your TV

Low Self Belief - Loud Negative Voices in Your Head

Handling Pressure - Not Your Best When it Matters Most

Negative Emotions - Constant Doubt/Frustration/Fear

Slow Change Process - Bad Habits​ Stick Like Glue

Dramatic Inconsistency - Daily Performance Roller Coaster

Latest Shiny Object Cues - Daily "This Will Fix It" Focus

Practice/Competition Gap - Different Person on Game Day

Increasing Knowledge

Is Not Enough.


Learning what to do CAN  help.

Knowledge IS a powerful tool.



It will not eliminate your struggles.

If you want to


on the golf course.


If you want to


when it matters most.

You NEED Research Tested and Proven:

Strengthening Exercises:

Focus Fitness

Effective Change

Emotion Separation

Realization Rehearsal

Presence Under Pressure


You NEED Athlete Tested and Proven:


Focus Assessment

Pre Shot Routine Builder

Swing Awareness

Practice Productivity

Mental Game Scorecards

To Help You Apply Your New Skills

Knowing and Doing

Are Not The Same


Which is why I created...

Master Your Mental Game
6 Game Changing
Improvement Challenges

1 Begin in the Brain.jpg

Step by Step Mastery Chapters

#1   Get Focus Fit

#2  Build Your Routine

#3  Manage Your Emotions

#4  Supercharge Change

#5  Transform Your Training

#6  Maximize Your Performance


    Learn. Test. Track. Apply.

3 Types of Performance Enhancing Challenges:

Home: Focus Fitness Exercises

Range: Prepare for Performance
Course: Access Your Best

Strengthen Your Mind at Home

Apply Your Strength on the Course

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GUARANTEED Improvement

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What golfers say about the course...

Eric Pollock
CEO Atreo

"I have been playing for ten years and constantly tweaking my swing.


I had different looks to my game every time I stepped onto the course which was very frustrating.


With Geoff’s Master your Mental Game instruction I am thinking a lot less about the mechanics when I am on the course and just playing golf.


Geoff has improved my game from a 12 handicap down to a 5.4 handicap. Numbers aside, it is more fun to just play and not constantly analyze my mechanics on the course."

Quotation marks

Dudley Tarlton
VP TransMontaigne

There are hundreds of swing thoughts a golfer can use. I am pretty sure I have tried them all!

Getting to the point where I think of no more than one during a swing... or even better none, is what allows me to execute shots to the best of my ability.


Geoff's Master Your Mental Game course has made it easy for me to quiet excess swing thoughts. 


The result is my confidence has grown dramatically and my scores keep getting better on a consistent basis.

Quotation marks

Peter Cooper
Professional Oboist

Geoff's knowledge and application of "focus" training in the Mental Game Course has also been a complete revelation for me. 


It has shown me how to translate my ability to quiet thoughts and get in the "Zone" while playing oboe with the symphony... into a new found sense of trust and confidence in my golf swing and golf game.  

I strongly recommend Geoff's course to golfers who want to get better.  My scores have dropped and my enjoyment of the game has grown enormously.​

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This Course is NOT for YOU

if You Do Not Have:

  • 20 minutes Per Day

  • Strong Desire to Change

  • Open Mind for New Concepts

  • Determination to Overcome Challenges

If you are up to the Challenge...

Here are the benefits you will get

  • More confidence

  • Control of your focus

  • Less negative thoughts

  • Effective pre shot routine

  • More of your best shots

  • Less of your worst shots

  • Minimize negative emotions

  • More effective practice time

  • More accurate self coaching

  • Faster mental & physical changes

  • AND of course... LOWER SCORES!!

Just to name a few.

What's Included
in the

Master Your Mental Game Course:

  • 6 Game Changing Challenge Chapters

  • Key Metric Tracking for Each Chapter

  • 40 Mental Game Mastery Video Lessons

  • Step by Step Proven Success Progressions

Neuroscience Tested
Athlete Proven

Guaranteed Results

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Quotation marks

I have worked with Geoff for nearly 10 years. 


As a former collegiate golfer, I really appreciate Geoff's ability to make complex swing thoughts simple. 


Most swing coaches focus on the physical, which is merely a fraction of the success pie. 


Geoff’s unique mental focus approach unlocks the mind in stressful situations allowing the body to perform naturally without stress. 

His Master Your Mental Game online course is a great way to experience the unique training Geoff has to offer.

Andy Lyford


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