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Life in the Zone

"Access Your Best Life"

It is not the quantity of moments in your life.

It is the QUALITY of Life in Your Moments.

Zone Moments Are PEAK Quality Moments.


Did you know training to "Get in the Zone" is a Multi BILLION dollar industry?

Navy Seals, Professional Sports Teams, Formula 1 Teams, Fortune 500 Companies and Silicon Valley Companies are just a few of the organizations, companies and groups spending billions of dollars to increase access to the Zone.


  • 200-500% faster skill acquisition

  • 50% skill mastery time reduction

  • 400%+ increase in productivity

  • 80% less time completing tasks

Studies have also shown getting in the Zone dramatically increases:

  • Focus

  • Creativity

  • Motivation

  • Enjoyment

  • Engagement

  • Problem Solving

Studies have also shown getting in the Zone dramatically decreases:

  • Fear

  • Stress

  • Anxiety

  • Burnout

  • Pressure

  • Frustration

These are just a few of the reasons why Accessing the Zone has become an industry in itself.

Whether you are looking for a personal solution to improving your quality of life or you have a family, team, company, school or organization GGZAP can help.

What People Say

Geoff is both a Zone visionary and a great coach. During our collaboration Geoff has taken the lead in adapting our EEG training tools to sports and quality of life training.

Tre Azam

Founder/CEO Myndplay

Thank you for the help with my kids they really enjoyed working with you!  It definitely improved their skiing, but more importantly it improved their lives outside of racing.

Pirie Jones Grossman

Life Empowerment Coach

“We are so grateful for Geoff's ZAP talk at our Veterans on Course event. Many Veterans struggle with stress and they loved the simple tools to help them improve their life quality.

Megan Huntsman

UGF Director

Geoff worked with us for two days during our recent ski training. In the two days of GGZAP training… it felt like we made two full weeks worth of performance progress”.

David Ojala

Former US Ski Team Coach

There is nothing like the feeling of being in the Zone.

Science tells us it triggers the most powerful "feel good", "focus boosting" and "performance enhancing" chemicals that our brains can produce.

Experience has taught me that a few moments feeling the joy and power of the Zone every day can change your life.


Find Your Smile Source

Why The Zone?

Maximize Passion

Full Engagement in the Moment

Minimize Apathy

Going through the motions

Maximize Confidence 

Trust and Belief in Your Skills

Minimize Fear  

Worrying about the result 

Maximize Creativity

Inspiration and AHA Moments

Minimize Sterility

Recycling old ideas

Maximize Productivity  

Efficiency and Speed


Minimize Stress

Distraction and frustration

Maximize Performance

Autopilot Excellence

Minimize Pressure

Nervousness and negativity

Zone Action Plans
Improve Your Life Quality

Like the idea of adding more Zone to your life?


Like the concept of having a step by step daily action plan to follow?


But... you are just not quite sure if Zone Action Plans are for you.

No Problem.

Take Zone Life training out for a seven day test drive.


The 7 Day Zone Action Plan is a perfect introduction to the process of adding more Zone to your life.


Proven daily exercises for home, work and play guaranteed to help you experience more Zone and start improving the quality of your life.


The "Tune Up" is a three module Zone Action Plan guaranteed to help you change the momentum of your life.


Making changes is challenging.


Especially BIG changes like accessing THE peak experience mental state on a daily basis.

The "Tune Up" has all the tools and processes you need to effectively change your current momentum and effectively make BIG, POSITIVE changes.

The "Tune Up" includes One on One coaching with Geoff, videos, exercises, tracking tools and cutting edge training... all "tuned" to your needs and goals.


The "Transformation is a six module Zone Action Plan recognize, apply and master Zone Access in all facets of your life.

Transformation requires progressions.


Step by step, tested and proven challenges designed around your needs and your goals.

The "Transformation" guides you through your personal challenge process and helps you to test your new Zone life skills under pressure, in real life situations. 

The "Transformation" has all the same powerful tools and training as the "Tune Up" and also includes ongoing support and the option for "live" in person training.


ZAP Benefits

Make Changes Faster

No more taking forever to create new patterns and erase old bad habits.

Transform Your Performance

Increasing your Zone access will help you work and play better under pressure. 

Strengthen Your Focus 

No more weak and wandering Focus when sharp and clear is what you need.

Manage Your Emotions  

No more anxiety, fear or frustration affecting your performance. 

Build Your Confidence

No more "hope", "wish", "want" when complete Trust is what you really need.

Get Yourself Connected  

No more mind, body and emotions fighting each other and holding you back.


Access Your Best

No more knowing that you can do much better than you have been showing.

GGZAP Consulting

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