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Programs for Golfers

Improve Faster.  Perform Better.  Enjoy the Process.

Train Your Brain... Transform Your Game

What if you could have an PGA Award Winning personal coach dedicated to helping you achieve your goals? 


What if that coach is an expert in accessing the Zone and adapting Zone training to your specific needs so you can overcome the challenges that have been keeping you from achieving your goals? 


GGZAP Golf Programs not only provide you with Award Winning coaching, they also guarantee your improvement. 


If you are ready for a new science driven approach to old problems that will not go away... click the button below to set up a free Zoom chat to map out your personal success plan.

Golf Programs Explainer Video



Geoff's coaching has really helped me to manage my emotions better on the course, which makes it much easier to play well under pressure in competition.

Using an emotion management technique Geoff shared during a  zoom call, I was able to set a course record on my way to finishing second in the Denver City Am.


As a result... my confidence is growing and my trust is higher than ever.


I can feel big tournament wins are right around he corner.

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Matt Friedheim
Weekend Warrior

This season I joined a match play and a fourball league and as of this weekend, I was the champion of both leagues. I can honestly say there was not one round where I had all facets of my game firing like I know I am capable of. The one thing that never let me down was my mental game. I stayed calm, never allowed my frustrations get the best of me, and never allowed doubt cross my mind. I knew that now matter who my opponent was going to be that day that they weren’t going to be as mentally tough as me. Thank you for always being patient with me and always lending a helping hand when I needed it the most.

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Jesse Hand close up.jpg

Geoff has had a very positive effect on Jesse's game and especially his mindset. 


​Jesse really looks forward to the Zoom calls... so he can discuss his current challenges and build a simple, achievable plan for overcoming those challenges.  


As a parent it has been very rewarding to see the improvement in Jesse's ability to strengthen his focus, manage difficult emotions and have more fun playing tournaments.

Not to mention... he is playing great this summer!

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Roger Nakagawa
NCAA D1 Golfer

Jesse Hand
AJGA Junior Golfer

GGZAP Golf Programs Overview

If you have a specific mental game challenge that you just can't seem to overcome, the Problem Solver is the perfect program for you.


The Problem Solver includes:

  • Four 1 on 1 personal video call coaching sessions

  • Access to video lessons targeted for your specific challenge

  • Daily Exercises to strengthen your Mental Performance skills

  • Tracking docs to consistently chart your progress

  • Step by Step Success Map for Overcoming your challenge

Dealing with pressure, managing negative emotions, struggling with focus and minimizing inconsistencies

are just a few of the problems that athletes have sought GGZAP help with solving.


The Problem Solver gives you award winning help overcoming your biggest challenge.


Click the button below and book a free strategy call to start creating your Problem Solving Success Map.


If you are ready to reboot your mental game and watch the quality of your performance take off, the Game Changer is your program.

The Game Changer includes:

  • Eight 1 on 1 personal video call coaching sessions

  • Unlimited access to the full GGZAP 45 video lesson library

  • Daily Exercises to strengthen your Mental Performance skills

  • Tracking docs to consistently chart your progress

  • Training and Performance boosting Mental Game Mastery Exercises

  • Step by Step Success Map for overall Program Goals

If you are looking to build a solid mental performance foundation you will love the Game Changer Program.  It gives you the tools, training and coaching you need to reset all the key areas of mental performance AND make sure they are strong enough to hold up under the highest levels of pressure.

The Game Changer gives award winning help taking your performance to the next level. 


Click the button below and book your free strategy call to start Changing Your Game.


If you are ready to totally transform the way you train, the way you play AND learn how to become your own coach, the Master Mind is tailor made for you.

The Master Mind includes:


  • Unlimited 1 on 1 personal video call coaching sessions

  • Unlimited access to the full GGZAP 45 video lesson library

  • Daily Exercises to strengthen your Mental Performance skills

  • Monthly Mental Performance Skill Builder Progressions

  • Tracking docs to consistently chart your progress

  • Training and Performance boosting Mental Game Mastery Exercises

  • Competition Specific Recognition and Reset Tools and Training

  • Self Coaching Guidelines and Key Metrics for Training and Playing

  • Step by Step Success Map for Performance and Self Coaching


The best way to access Zone Athletic Performance more often and stay dialed in to achieving your performance potential is to become your our own coach.  The Master Mind Program is a deep dive into peak mental performance AND understanding how to recognize and reset quickly when your game gets off track.


The Master Mind gives you award winning help achieving your full performance potential.


Click the button below and book your free strategy call to start your Mental Performance Master Mind.


GGZAP Golf Programs Will Help You:

Improve Your Skills Faster

No more taking forever to create new patterns and erase old bad habits.

Transform Your Performance

Increasing your Zone access will help you play better under pressures. 

Strengthen Your Focus 

No more weak and wandering Focus when sharp and clear is what you need.

Manage Your Emotions  

No more anxiety, fear or frustration affecting your performance. 

Perform More Consistently

No more "OMG good" to "WTH bad" performances from one day to the next.

Perform With Confidence

No more "hope", "wish", "want" when complete Trust is what you really need.

Get Connected  

No more mind, body and emotions fighting each other and ruining your performance.


Access Your Best

No more knowing that you can do much better than you have been showing.

"Access Your Best" Improvement Process

Recognize - The Zone

Easy To Feel Signs

Repeatable Triggers

Optimum Process

Apply - Pre Shot Routine

Commit To The Optimum Shot

Rehearse The Look and Feel


Master - Overcome Challenges

Skills Improvement

Performance Simulation

Success Progressions

Support - Your Success Process

Easy to Reach

Happy to Help

Ongoing Partnership

GGZAP Media Appearances

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GGZAP Golf Programs Include

Award Winning Coaching  

1 on 1 interaction with your personal ZAP Coach.  When you have a challenge your coach is there for support, encouragement and honest feedback.

Step by Step Training 

Simple, achievable and highly effective Improvement Progressions fine tuned and refined over 25 years of coaching all levels of athletes in multiple sports.

Personal Design

All Golfer training is structured to allow you to progress at your pace and at your convenience so you can achieve maximum results using minimum time and energy.

Effective Tracking Tools

Know exactly where you are in your Improvement Progression. If you can track it, you can train it more effectively. 

Scientifically Proven Methods  

Research driven metrics from Red Bull Sport, DARPA, McKinsey Group, Navy Seals all adapted and presented to match your specific needs and goals.

Golfer Tested Exercises

Golfers of all ages, all abilities and in multiple sports have extensively tested and proven the methods of applying the training to peak performance.

Video Reference Library

GGZAP has an extensive video library covering the entire spectrum of Mental Performance training... that you can access at your convenience.

Unlimited Support

When you need help your coach will be there.  When you have questions or challenges it is important to know you can get answers and insights to keep you moving forward.

Guaranteed Results  

100% "Get Better" Guarantee. You will be completely satisfied with the process and the progress... or you get your money back.

GGZAP Coaching is for you IF:

  • You are a Dedicated Golfer who is passionate about improving your level of performance.

  • You are a Weekend Warrior or Elite Golfer and you are willing to commit 10-30 minutes per day to your Mental Training.

  • You know your Mind is Holding You Back from achieving your goals and having more fun doing what you love.

  • You want to Strengthen Your Mind in new ways and overcome new challenges with your improved Mental Fitness for Golf.

  • You are ready to Connect the Big 3 and get your mind, body and emotions working together when it matters the most.

  • You are ready to Tune Your Training to make sure you are getting maximum improvement from minimum time and energy.

  • You are ready to Rewire Your Performance to apply and execute all you have learned to your competitions.

Book a Call with Geoff 

"Access Your Best"

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