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Access Your Alpha

Transform Your Quality of Life

For Your Students:

Improve Skills Faster

Manage Tough Emotions

Excel Under Pressure

Learn Self Coaching

Access Their Best

For You:

Understand Performance Science

More Teaching Tools

Happier Students

If You Struggle With:

Poor Focus - Your Remote Doesn't Control Your TV

Low Self Belief - Loud Negative Voices in Your Head

Handling Pressure - Not Your Best When it Matters Most

Negative Emotions - Constant Doubt/Frustration/Fear

Slow Change Process - Bad Habits​ Stick Like Glue

Dramatic Inconsistency - Daily Performance Roller Coaster

Latest Shiny Object Cues - Daily "This Will Fix It" Focus

Practice/Competition Gap - Different Person on Game Day

Cognitive knowledge

from a traditional online course

is not going to be enough

to overcome your challenges.


Learning what to do can help.

Knowledge is a powerful tool.



It will not eliminate your struggles

If you want to


on the golf course.


If you want to


when it matters most.

You NEED Research Tested and Proven:

Strengthening Exercises:

Focus Fitness

Effective Change

Emotion Separation

Realization Rehearsal

Presence Under Pressure

To Take Your Mind to the Gym


You NEED Athlete Tested and Proven:

Application Challenges:

Cue Assess

Routine Builder

Process Awareness

Practice Productivity

Mental Game Scorecards

To Apply Your Skills During Competition

Knowing and Doing

are not the same.

Especially for Athletes!

Which is why I created...

Mental Training Certification Program

Improve Your Skills

Grow Your Business




Geoff Greig




The Format

  • Live Zoom Training and Q&A to tailor the information to your needs

  • 1 on 1 interaction for maximum impact on your business

  • Certification can be completed in 12 weeks

The Content

  • Research Proven Neuroscience, Physiology and Psychology Concepts for You

  • Athlete Tested Golf Specific Training for your Students

  • Mental Performance Lesson Library (Over 70 video lessons)

  • Home and Range Training Exercises

  • On Course Performance Exercises

  • Everything you need to add mental training to your business

The Benefits

Help your students/players:

  • Handle Pressure

  • Manage Emotions

  • Strengthen Focus

  • Improve Faster

  • Access Their Best

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What people say about the course...

Dr. Bill Campbell
Performance Psychologist
Titleist Performance Institute

Geoff is a outstanding instructor , course creator and leading edge specialist in Mental Fitness training for golfers.  


His background as an athlete, coach and Mental Game researcher helps him train athletes in ways that few coaches can.


His Mental Fitness Challenge Course is a unique combination of what you need to know and how you need to do it.  It is highly effective for increasing performance... and works for a wide range of ages and abilities.

Lindsey Scott
LPGA Instructor
Denver City Courses

It is very important for students to understand how the process of change works.


Geoff does a great job of making that process clear and showing how to do it in his Mental Fitness Course. As an instructor, I see students spend countless hours hitting balls... a good majority of them see very little change in their game.


Implementing the concepts in Geoff’s mental game challenges will make for more successful practice sessions and will leave golfers with more time to ENJOY playing golf!

Peter Cooper
Professional Oboist
Colorado Symphony

Geoff's knowledge and application of "focus" training in the Mental Fitness Course has also been a complete revelation for me. 


It has shown me how to translate my ability to quiet thoughts and get in the "Zone" while playing oboe with the symphony... into a new found sense of trust and confidence in my golf swing and golf game.  

I strongly recommend Geoff's course to golfers who want to get better.  My scores have dropped and my enjoyment of the game has grown enormously.​


This Challenge Course is NOT for YOU

if You Do Not Have:

  • 20 minutes Per Day

  • Strong Desire to Change

  • Open Mind for New Concepts

  • Determination to Overcome Challenges

If you are up to the Challenge...

Here are the benefits you will get

  • More confidence

  • Control of your focus

  • Less negative thoughts

  • Effective pre shot routine

  • More of your best shots

  • Less of your worst shots

  • Minimize negative emotions

  • More effective practice time

  • More accurate self coaching

  • Faster mental & physical changes

  • AND of course... LOWER SCORES!!

Just to name a few.

What's Included
in the

Mental Fitness Challenge Course:

  • 5 Game Changing Challenge Modules

  • Key Metric Tracking for Each Module

  • 40 Mental Game Mastery Video Lessons

  • Step by Step Proven Success Progressions

Neuroscience Tested
Athlete Proven

Get Started Today
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Not 100% Sure

if You Are Ready
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Mental Fitness Challenge Course?

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Mental Fitness

Challenge Course

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The 14 Day Golf Challenge

Strengthen Your Focus

Improve Your Consistency

Increase Your Confidence

  • 2 Mental Fitness Exercises

  • 8 Knowledge Expanding Lessons

  • At Home Focus Training

  • At the Range Swing Cue Tuning

The 14 Day Golf Challenge

Phil Mickelson


Step by Step Daily Program:

  • Strengthen Your Focus

  • Tune Your Routine

  • Hit Better Shots

Train Your Brain

Change Your Game

At Home: Exercises
At the Range: Application

Get Focus Fit
Start Playing Better

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Geoff is a consummate teaching professional and has a rare ability to help his students overcome physical challenges with simple Mental Fitness processes. 


His instruction style and clear communication makes it easy to understand what needs to be done no matter how big the challenge.


Many teachers can discuss concepts, but Geoff knows how to help you to apply them quickly and effectively.


I experienced huge improvement the very first day of testing out Geoff's Mindset Challenge Course.

Bill Knell

United Airline Pilot

Former Marine Fighter Pilot

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