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Would you like to inspire the members of your team, organization, company or school to access the productivity, passion and performance of the "Zone"?

AND... we can do all the training Virtually.  


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Research has shown that individuals and groups who depend on performance (athletes, executives, authors, musicians... to name a few) are up to 500% more productive in the "Zone".

The "Zone" is the ultimate peak performance state and a training target for progressive teams, organizations and companies around the world.

Benefits of the "Zone" are not just limited to productivity and performance. 

Studies have also shown the "Zone" or Flow State dramatically increases:

  • Engagement

  • Focus

  • Creativity

  • Skill Development

  • Enjoyment


A presentation or workshop from Geoff will show you the keys to unlocking access to the "Zone"... AND adding all these powerful metrics to your team's performance.

"Geoff is such a dynamic, engaging speaker that we felt very fortunate to have him present a continuing education seminar to our PGA members.  


His presentation "Mastering the Mental Game" truly resonated with our audience of golf professionals who not only play at a high level, but also teach the game at a high level.  


In his very lively, energizing session, Geoff gave them clear tips on all the options available for effectively training improved focus and getting in the "Zone" more often.  


Most importantly, he shared actionable suggestions on how to easily implement a variety of specific, proven strategies to help teachers and golfers of all levels improve their "Mental Fitness" and access the "Zone".

Aaron Goodman

Tournament Director

Utah Section PGA

Whether you are looking for:

  • A keynote presentation to introduce your team to the powerful possibilities of "Zone" performance.

  • A presentation plus breakout with custom tailored performance improvement progressions.

  • A full day consultation with implementation strategy designed specifically for you.

Geoff will take your team on a journey to eye opening new concepts, cutting edge science and entertaining anecdotes that will totally transform their performance environment.  



Access Your Alpha

Access Your Alpha is a keynote presentation that will engage, entertain, educate and surprise your group with mind expanding tips and tools for achieving peak performance.

Did you know peak performance only occurs when your brain waves are in a very specific frequency?

The Alpha brain wave frequency is the key that unlocks your potential and gives you access to the "Zone"

After this presentation... you and your team will have a clear picture and proven progressions for accessing the Alpha frequency.


  • Cues - Recognize Alpha

  • Triggers - Experience Alpha

  • Patterns - Train Alpha

You will also learn the science, psychology and mindfulness concepts that explain, validate and train this powerful performance state.

The "Access Your Alpha" presentation is a great introduction to the principles of peak performance and can be specifically tailored to the needs and goals of your team.

Zone Athletic Performance

Zone Athletic Performance is a keynote presentation that features a unique blend of entertaining stories, educational science concepts and engaging experiences specifically designed to help weekend warriors, athletes, coaches and teams improve performance and get in the "Zone" more often.

Anyone can achieve more "Zone" performance.

All it takes is knowledge of the essential keys and a clear map of the improvement progressions that have been proven to increase "Zone" access.

The progression guaranteed to maximize improvement in minimum time is:

  • See - clear focus

  • Feel - accurate assessment

  • Train - quality re-patterning

  • Trust - subconscious execution

Depending on group size "Zone Athletic Performance" can be experienced as an interactive Q&A mind-expander or a power point style informational eye opener.

Maximize Your Mental Fitness

Maximize Your Mental Fitness is an eye opening exploration of the physiology, psychology and mindfulness training proven to increase engagement, efficiency and performance in your improvement programs.

This presentation blends science, anecdotal experiences and proven improvement processes to get your team, group or organization started on the path to Mental Game Mastery.

Anyone can improve their Mental Fitness.  All it takes is knowledge of the essential keys and a clear map of the concepts and progressions to:

  • Increase Calm

  • Maximize Presence

  • Tune Focus

Understanding and learning how to train these three essential keys will supercharge your team's Mental Fitness improvement programs.

"Master Your Mental Fitness" is designed to give you and your group actionable concepts and proven progressions you can use to begin tuning productivity and performance immediately.

Peak Performance Culture

Peak Performance Culture is specifically designed to help your teams, schools, companies and organizations reap the benefits of adding more "Zone" to the culture of your group.

Whether your "team" is looking for:

  • Peak Performance

  • Improved Productivity

  • Increased Engagement

  • Maximum Enjoyment

Increasing access to the "Zone" is the ideal launching pad.

From half day strategy sessions to three day intensive implementation programs we can tailor Peak Performance Culture to what will give your "team" maximum results from minimum change.

Also... make sure to keep an eye out for Geoff's new book "Access Your Best", which will be available in 2021.

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"We are so grateful Geoff brought his Zone Athletic Performance presentation to the Utah Golf Foundation’s Veterans on Course at Davis Park Golf Course event.


Veterans on Course (VOC) is a free golf program for male and female military personnel of active or veteran status. Many Veterans on Course participants struggle with post-traumatic stress and are enrolled in substance abuse programs; they are always looking for positive, effective tools to help them improve their life quality.


Geoff’s training session on focus fitness and sensory awareness to help improve presence and athletic skill performance was exactly what the VOC participants needed and they thoroughly enjoyed it! Using his simple focus training techniques on and off the golf course will allow them to improve their golf skills as well as establish serenity and happiness in their daily lives.”


Megan Huntsman

Utah Golf Foundation

Program Director

"Geoff gave a fantastic presentation to our staff! 


He related everything back to alpine skiing and helped us all better understand the essential elements of training for Mental Fitness and the Zone. 


The methods Geoff taught us helped every coach to reflect on their coaching style, how they deliver feedback and how to support athletes and enable them to improve Mental Fitness and“get in the Zone” more often.


It was a very valuable session for our program. We look forward to working with Geoff again soon!"

Josie Brownell

Alpine Team Manager


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