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About Geoff

Over the years Geoff has experienced the pursuit of peak performance from a wide variety of viewpoints, in a number of different sports and performance oriented activities.


The successes and the failures in these experiences have given Geoff a unique "big picture"  perspective of effective Zone training for life, work and sport.

This unique perspective has helped Geoff create the vision and the methodology for GGZAP.

Here are a few of the experiences that have contributed to the big picture view:


Award Winning PGA Teacher

Award Winning Mental Coach

Pro Athlete in Soccer and Golf

Motivational Speaker

Multi Book Author

Tai Chi Teacher

College Ski Racer

College Tennis Player

Hiking, Soccer, Golf, Skiing, Teaching, Tai Chi, Surfing, Meditating and even Writing.

I have been fortunate to experience the Zone in a lot of different situations.

Having a broad experiential background to draw upon is a huge help in being able to understand and communicate the process of accessing the Zone to people from a variety of backgrounds seeking a variety of goals.

There is nothing better than helping someone access an amazing state and add it to their daily life.


Training and Awards

1FlowCode Cert.jpg
PGA 25 years border.jpg


2000 Colorado PGA Pro of the Month

2000 American Golf Pro of the Year 

2005 PGA Growth of the Game Award

2015 Avid Golfer - Best Mental Coach

2016 Avid Golfer - Best Instructor

2017 Avid Golfer - Best Mental Coach

Skills Development

EEG Focus Training for Sport

Titleist Performance Institute

Tai Chi Focus for Sport

Meditation Applications for Sport

Best Selling Author

Motivational Speaker

Video Lesson Series Writer/Producer


UVM Athletic Hall of Fame Inductee

 2 Time VASL Soccer Player of the Year

NCAA D1 Award Winning Soccer Player

VARA and Collegiate Ski Racer

Pro Soccer – EPL, NASL, MISL

Golf Tours– Golden State, North Atlantic

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