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Mental Strength at the Masters.

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Your Mind is the Director
Your Mind is the Director

Peak Performance begins in your brain.

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EEG Tracking Tools
EEG Tracking Tools

Trackable means trainable.

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Mental Strength at the Masters.

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Access Your Best

Improve Faster.  Play Better.  Enjoy the Process.

Zone Access Is The Goal

Improve Faster

Access to the Zone helps you improve

your skills up to twice as fast

as you have ever done before.


Play Better

Access to the Zone helps you access

your best skills under pressure

when you need them the most.

Enjoy the Process

Access to the Zone helps you manage

emotions so you can use them

instead of getting abused by them.



Zone Training Is The Key 

Muscle Memory Is A Myth

Neuroscience research has conclusively proven that muscles do not remember your movement patterns.

Your Brain Is The Director

Learning, Performance and Emotional Patterns are all stored and triggered in your brain.

GGZAP Training Gives You The Tools

Improve Your Skills Faster and Play Better Using Neuroscience Driven and Athlete Tested Training.

What Athletes Say About GGZAP

Spencer Mellon

Spencer Mellon
PGA Latin America Tour

I started working with Geoff after a six month period of missed cuts and frustrating performances on the Tour.  Things began to change for the better after our first Zoom session.

Geoff and I chatted about my lack of confidence controlling speed in my putts.  He helped me to understand how to rebuild my confidence and we put together  strategy to get it done.... fast.

Not only did I make the cut in my next event... I finished T20.  My best result so far on the Tour. 

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Blake Bathum

Blake Bathum
NCAA Div. 1 Ski Racer

I never realized how important strengthening my focus was until Geoff showed me how to apply Zone mental principles to my training and racing.​

It was awesome to finally start feeling trust in my abilities as an athlete and to be able to apply that trust to my racing.  It had an immediate effect on my performance and my results!.

The best part is my results have continued to improve over time and racing has really started to become fun again.  

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Blair Salisbury
Amatuer Tour Golfer

Working with Geoff has improved my mental game dramatically and my tournament scores are definitely reflecting the Improvement. 


Last weekend I had rounds of 77 and 78 on a very challenging course in one of our biggest events.


Overall, I have improved from a 12.8 to a 9.8 in three months. 


It is really encouraging progress so far and it feels like a lot more is on the way!

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 The Benefits of Zone Access

200% Faster Skill Acquisition for Experts

Elite athletes tune key skills TWICE as fast

500% Faster Skill Acquisition for Novices

Beginners learn core skills 5X faster

50% Time Reduction for Skill Mastery

Cut the 10,000 hours in half

Up to 1000% > Sensory Information Intake

Heighten your senses to UHD

Over 1000% > Brain Processing Speed

It feels like time slows down

3 Days of Heightened Creativity Post Zone

Ideal for overcoming big challenges

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GGZAP Training Programs

If you want to improve your skills faster, perform better when it matters the most, take big steps toward your goals and experience more joy every day then GGZAP training is for you.

What does the training involve?

One on One coaching with a multi discipline award winning coach using Neuroscience driven mental performance principles.

A full curriculum of research proven and athlete tested videos, exercises, tracking tools and cutting edge training.

All Athlete training is structured to allow you to progress at your pace and at your convenience so you can achieve maximum results using minimum time and energy.

If you want science driven tools to help your athletes achieve next level improvement speed and performance quality then GGZAP coach training is definitely for you.

What does the training involve?

Step One is helping you experience the core elements of the training you will be passing along to your students.

Step Two is sharing key research concepts, Zone video lessons, daily exercises, training progressions, tracking tools and business builder tips.

All Coach training is designed to help you quickly, simply and effectively add powerful new skills to your coaching tool belt AND help you grow your business.

If you are a team or a group looking to speed up skill acquisition, ramp up performance and create a positive team culture then GGZAP training is  great option.

What types of training are available?


Intro Sessions.  Introduce your team to the core mental performance concepts and training

Deep Dive Sessions. Intensive group interactions for specific problem solving and solution mapping.

Ongoing Consulting.  A dedicated on call performance partner for you and your team.

All Team training is tailored to your needs and can be done in person or via video conference.

 It All Begins in Your Brain

GGZAP Media appearances:

What Exactly is The Zone?
A Specific Brain Wave Frequency
That Gives You Access
To Your Performance Potential

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What Does GGZAP Training Do?
Increases Your Zone Access
Systematically and Effectively


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