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Mental Performance Coaching

for Athletes, Teachers and Teams

Ready to Unlock the Potential Within

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Meet Geoff Greig

Performance Consultant

Award Winning Mental Coach

Award Winning Golf Instructor

Two Sport Professional Athlete

UVM Athletic Hall of Fame Member

Zone Performance Researcher

Zone Educational Speaker

Zone Experience Seeker

Geoff Greig

What Are Zone Action Plans?

Young golfer celebrating

When you want to play better, improve faster and enjoy the journey to your goals... you need to have your mind, your emotions and your body ALL working in harmony.

Zone Action Plans integrate neuroscience research, professional athlete experience and award winning coaching skills to give you all the tools and mental training you need to make powerful, positive change and begin realizing the potential you know that you have.

Geoff has designed and tested the coaching methodology of Zone Action Plans so they can be applied to individual athletes seeking peak performance, coaches looking to increase their effectiveness and organizations striving for efficiency, harmony and productivity.

GGZAP Client Roger Nakagawa

What Athletes Say

"Geoff 's coaching has really helped me manage my emotions and my expectations. Because of this I am playing better under pressure and my finishes in tournaments have improved dramatically. I recently I finished 2nd in the Denver City Am and set a course record in the final round."
Roger Nakagawa
D1 College Golfer

Why Zone Mental Training?

Zone Neuroscience Research

The Zone

Helps You

Access Your Best

In Sport

And Life


Accessing the Zone is Research Proven to help you:

  • Boost Productivity up to 500%

       McKinsey Study

  • Acquire Skills up to 490% Faster

       DARPA Study

  • Achieve Skill Mastery up to 2x Faster

       Navy Seals

  • Increase Creativity for up to 72 hours

       Harvard Study

  • Speed Problem Solving up to 430%

       U. of Sydney Study

Strengthening your "mental skills" is the fastest way to increase your Access to the Zone.  Here are just a few of the benefits of "mental skills" training:

  • Tune Your Focus

      Quiet Mental Distractions

  • Excel Under Pressure

       Master Your Play Mindset

  • Build Your Confidence

       Overcome Big Challenges

  • Strengthen Your Self Belief

       Trust Your Skills/Training

  • Manage Challenging Emotions

       Rewire Your Response to Fear

GGZAP Sports

Golf is the primary Sport for GGZAP coaching.

However... Geoff has experience working with athletes in multiple sports and disciplines.


GGZAP coaching has proven to be successful in Skiing, Soccer and Tennis.

If you have any questions or would like to chat with Geoff about your mental coaching needs and goals just click the green button below.


GGZAP Client Pirie Grossman

"Thank you for the help with my kids! They really enjoyed working with you and it helped their ski racing tremendously. 


I think receiving mental strength training should be a huge part of the all around training in sports... it is SO important especially for young athletes..


Thank you Geoff for all you do!"

Pirie Jones Grossman

Speaker and Author

F18 jet climbing

"Geoff is a consumate professional... he quickly assessed exactly what I needed to focus on to overcome my fear of "steep and deep".

Many people can explain the physical movements, Geoff knows how to teach your mind to overcome distractions and execute the movements.


I experienced a huge improvement in one day skiing with Geoff."

Bill Knell

Marine Fighter Pilot

GGZAP Client Blake Bathum

"I had never realized how important being able to access Zone Focus is to my racing.​  Switching my Focus from results to the process has been the key.

My confidence, my ability to perform under pressure and my results have all improved dramatically from your training."


The best part is racing has really started to become fun again.

Blake Bathum

FIS/D1 Ski Racer

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