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Access Your Best

The Zone

"Get In The Zone"

Access to the Zone Maximizes:

Sports Performance

Skills Improvement

Work Productivity

Self Confidence


Access to the Zone Minimizes:






Is this you?

  • Struggling to achieve the goals you set?

  • Frustrated from not reaching your potential?

  • Searching for success draining your passion?

Then experiencing a "daily dose" of the "Zone" is the mental, physical and emotional boost your quality of life and quality of play needs.

Zone Testimonials

Geoff's background as a two sport pro athlete, researcher and award winning coach allows him to help people in ways that few other people can.

Dr. Bill Campbell

Performance Psychologist

Geoff has exceptional experience tapping into higher levels of performance. The best part is you can apply his training to so many things in life.

Darci Olsen

PGA Professional

As a parent it is rewarding to see the improvement in Jesse's ability to strengthen his focus, manage emotions and have more fun playing tournaments.

Jayna Hand

Junior Golfer Parent

Geoff's knowledge of how to get in the Zone and his ability to apply it to my personal challenges and goals has been a complete revelation. 

Peter Cooper

Professional Musician

 Why Get In The Zone?

Benefits of Zone Access

200% Faster Skill Acquisition At Play

Acquire new skills TWICE as fast

500% More Productivity At Work

Experience Huge Efficiency Gains

50% Time Reduction for Skill Mastery

Master Your New Skills Faster

Supercharge Performance

Access Your Best Skills Under Pressure

"Feel Good" Emotional Boost

Powerful Positive Neurochemicals

3 Days of Heightened Creativity

Ideal For Conquering New Challenges

I will never forget the first time I experienced the Zone. 

It was the summer before 9th grade and I was hiking down Mount Mansfield in Vermont. 

I had no idea what the "feeling"  was or what is was called.

I just knew it felt amazing and I wanted to experience it again.

All these years later... my goal is to help you experience that amazing feeling and use it to improve the quality of your play and your life.


How To Get In The Zone

The GGZAP Process


Your Zone Triggers and Optimum Process for "on demand" Zone Access.


Your Process to increase passion, performance and productivity every day.


Increase challenge level to prepare for the pressures of life and sport.

Zone Media

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Zone "Quality Of Life" Cycle

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Zone Action Plans

If you want to improve your skills faster, perform better when it matters the most, take big steps toward your goals and experience more joy every day then GGZAP are for you.

What do the Action Plans involve?

One on One coaching with a multi discipline award winning coach using Neuroscience driven learning and performance principles.

A full curriculum of research proven and athlete tested videos, exercises, tracking tools and cutting edge training.

The Golf ZAP help you create your personal Zone process and allow you to Access Your Best so you can learn faster, play better and have more fun in the process.

If you are looking for a science driven process for minimizing stress, anxiety and fear while dramatically improving your quality of life, then GGZAP are a great option.

What do the Action Plans give you? 

Zone Neurochemicals are some of the most potent "feel good" mood enhancers and motivation drivers known to man.


Zone Focus is a powerful productivity and performance supercharger that you can experience every time you get in or near the Zone.

The Life ZAP help you add Zone experiences to your daily life so you can boost passion, productivity and performance by learning to Access Your Alpha on command.

If you want science driven tools to help your athletes achieve next level improvement speed and performance quality then GGZAP coach training is definitely for you.

What does the training involve?

Step One is helping you experience the core elements of the training you will be passing along to your students.

Step Two is sharing key research concepts, Zone video lessons, daily exercises, training progressions, tracking tools and business builder tips.

The Coach ZAP are designed to help you quickly, simply and effectively add powerful new skills to your coaching tool belt AND help you grow your business.

Why Zone Action Plans?


Change is challenging.

Old patterns have momentum.

Action overcomes momentum.

More than just Action.

You need the right Action.

At the right time.

You need a Plan.

A Plan backed by science.

A tested and proven Plan.

With simple, achievable steps.

Guiding you into the Zone.

A Zone Action Plan.

 Access Begins in Your Brain

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