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Geoff Greig Nike Camp

Darci Olsen

PGA Head Professional

""I am so glad I attended Geoff's PGA Focus Training Education Seminar!

Geoff has a wealth of experience tapping into higher levels of performance. 

His presentation was very engaging and highly entertaining.


More importantly... he is very passionate about sharing his expertise and is able to express his unique insights with stories and analogies that are fun to hear and very easy to understand.

Also... his ability to listen to the group and answer their questions allowed us to gain insights into personal Focus solutions.


You can apply his presentation to so many things in life... and the training will help a wide variety of age groups and ability levels."

David Ojala Mt Hood

David Ojala

US Ski Team Coach

"As a former US Ski Team coach… I have experienced a lot of training styles and coaching philosophies.


What Geoff brings to the table is something totally new and something that I strongly feel has been needed for years.

Geoff worked with us for 2 days during our recent summer ski training at Timberline on Mt Hood, Oregon. 


He quickly gained our trust with his knowledge and expertise. 


In a remarkably short period of time... he translated Zone focus theory into effective race training that my athlete thoroughly enjoyed and brought a fresh perspective to my coaching.

In the two days of focus training… it felt like we made two full weeks worth of performance progress."

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Tre Azam

Founder and CEO MyndPlay

"Geoff is both a visionary and a great coach in the field of Mental Training.

He has a unique ability to blend knowledge of the science of performance with communication and teaching skills to help athletes quickly and easily understand their Zone improvement path.


We have also been working with Geoff to fine tune the MyndBand for sport applications.


He has been instrumental in helping us efficiently update our software and hardware from our therapy driven background to performance oriented training programs. 

I am truly looking forward our business relationship and our friendship continuing to develop and grow"

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